Current members

Principal Investigator

DJB2David Begun
Email: djbegun at ucdavis dot edu
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Grad Group Affiliations:
Population Biology
Integrated Genetics and Genomics
My research interests focus primarily on population genetics and molecular evolution in the Drosophila model. We use genomic approaches to investigate the forces affecting the distribution of genomic variation and to generate hypotheses on the biological traits influenced by directional selection.


Project Scientist


Dr. Julie Cridland
Email: jmcridland at ucdavis dot edu
Julie has several interests in Drosophila evolutionary genetics, including transposable element population biology, the evolution of gene expression, and the gain and loss of genes.




Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Rachel Thayer


Grad Students

Kae Lombardo

Tiezheng Fan


Lab Manager

Libby Polston. Libby runs all day to day operations of the lab and supervises the maintenance of our stocks.  She also does both experimental and computational research.