Former Lab Denizens

Postdocs and graduate students

Corbin Jones (Postdoc) is a Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Todd Schlenke (Graduate Student) is an Associate Professor at University of Arizona.
Andy Kern (Graduate Student) is an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon.
Brad Wagstaff (Graduate Student) teaches chemistry.
Mara Lawniczak (Graduate Student) is a Principal Investigator at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.
Alisha Holloway (Postdoc) is the Director of Bioinformatics at Phylos Bioscience.
Tom Turner (Graduate Student) is an Associate Professor at UC Santa Barbara.
Mia Levine (Graduate Student) is an Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.
Christopher Hamm (Postdoc) is a data scientist at Monsanto in Woodland, CA.
Alisa Sedghifar (Graduate Student) is a computational biologist at

Colin Contino is teaching at American River College.

Li Zhao and Nico Svetec (Postdocs) are now at Rockefeller University

Didem Sarikaya (Postdoc) is a Project Manager at 10X Genomics

Alex Majane (grad student) is a computational biologist at Mission Bio.

Giovanni Hanna (grad student)



Perot Saelo Ph.D is a USDA Scientist.

Hayley Sheehy received an MS degree and is on the job market

Dawn Reynolds is currently working at the Salk Institute


Undergraduate researchers



Katherine Rickelton 

Katie is a PhD student at UMass Amherst


MBMelissa Bailey
Email: mlbailey at ucdavis dot edu
Melissa is interested in improving her research and analytical skills, as well as gaining experience with Drosophila spatial variation.







Sophia Davis is a physician.

Umbreen Arshad is a physician.