About to celebrate Tiezheng passing his qualifying exam.

The lab, summer 2023

Fly meeting 2019 – Begun lab reunion aka Begunner’s Ball

We rubbed shoulders with the Dallas ladies brunch crowd and caught up on fly matters.

Winter 2018 – Holiday glittera-thon ver. Ornaments


We made gaudy ornaments, fly themed. Julie was embarrassed by this, Didem thinks.

Fly meeting 2018 -Begun lab reunion aka Begunner’s Ball

We exchanged stories of the Begun lab’s yesteryears.

Winter 2017 – Ugly holiday sweater fest

We got our glue guns and glitter out for fly-themed ugly sweaters!

Spring 2016 – Lab outing to the best ice cream in town (RIP)

Dave couldn’t make it, so he was subjected to some photoshopping.