Lab news

March 2018: Alex joins the lab!

Didem is awarded a prestigious University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congrats, Didem!

November 2017: Our paper on parallel adaptation in Drosophila is out in PLOS Genetics.

September 2017: Alex Majane, first yr grad student in Integrative Genetics and Genomics, will rotate in the lab this quarter.

July 2017: Dave went to Austin for the SMBE meeting. It was pretty good.

Dave takes the reins from Michael Nachman as Senior Editor of Empirical Population Genetics at GENETICS.

April 2017: We (Dave, Didem) attended the Drosophila meeting in San Diego. Great meeting, as always.

February 2017: Li and Nico have departed for Dave’s hometown to start jobs at Rockefeller University. We sure will miss them.

June 2016: Didem will attend the Evolution meeting (Austin, TX) and will give a talk at the Development 2 session on Saturday (06/18/2016) at 10:30 am.

June 2016: Welcome to Rebekah Frampton, a visiting scholar from University of Otago (New Zealand), who will stay in the Begun lab for a month.

March 2016: Nico’s paper about latitudinal cline associated with UVB-mediated DNA damage response is out in PLOS Genetics!

February 2016: Alisa’s paper about clinal variation in D. simulans is out in Genetics!

January 2016: Check out our new paper with Dan and Matt on parallel evolution of copy-number variation in MBE.

September 2015: A big welcome to Didem Sarikaya, who has just joined us as a new postdoc from Cassandra Extavour’s lab!

August 2015: Hayley Sheehy joins us as our new lab manager. Welcome, Hayley!

May 2015: Li’s paper on parallel gene expression differentiation in D. melanogaster and D. simulans was published in PLOS Genetics, click here for the details.

March 2015: Nico’s paper about genetic variation for sleep in Drosophila melanogaster was published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, click here or here for the full manuscript!